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Be with nature in Boise, Idaho


Back when I was a student, I used to stay in Boise for approximately a year as an intern for a local auditing firm. The internship period was not too long, but I soonly realized how beautiful nature in Boise is. Time flies and Boise is rapidly blooming as numerous new skyscrapers have appeared in just a short span of a few years. I love to visit this friendly city once a few months, and I would bring my family with me if the trips are not work-related to Be with nature in Boise, Idaho. Despite all the modern changes, Boise is still the ideal city renowned for natural landscapes and outdoor activities like hiking or camping. I will get into details right away and show you my favorite spots and activities in Boise!

How would I get to Boise

In case my purpose in Boise is for work, usually in the tax seasons, I would take a quick flight to Boise airport because this city is normally not my first stop, in spite of the fact that my home is actually not far from Boise. Otherwise, I would take a road trip to Boise with my wife and kids on a Ford SUV. If you have not already known, we are living in Stanley, so it just takes me about 4 hours. Yeah, I know I am a slow driver. It would take me the same period of time driving along without my children, not for any particular reason, just because I like to be with nature in Boise, Idaho.

What to do in Boise

Where to stay

Whenever I go to work and the places are worth to be revisited with my family, I would carefully notice where to stay. Comfort is my first priority for hotels or homestays. I am willing to pay some extra budge so my wife and kids could feel pleasure. Bad sleep and meals are terrible red flags and usually lead to bad trips. 

Boise is not that big, thus you could ask around for some suggestions from the locals. You can narrow it down by pre-planning your adventure and looking for a stay near those destinations. I like to stay downtown for my personal trips, usually in the North End. My local friends always suggest finding in the Greenbelt, and I think I would try that next time.

As an extrovert, my dear wife always loves to try out different hotels, I think it is pretty cool that she and the kids somehow could find a way to have different experiences in the same spot every single time. In contrast, I like to revisit the place I trust, and whenever I have to stay in Boise alone overnight, I would take a taxi from uptown to Hilton Garden Inn. The hotel is just 10 minutes of walk away from most of downtown’s attractions, but it is such a pity that I rarely have a chance to start my exploration from Hilton Garden Inn the next morning. 

The reason that made me fancy this place is because they have never failed to deliver an awesome customer experience to me. Rooms decoration is not a wow factor, but they have all the utilities I need, including gentle scent, comfortable bed and night meals. I would also recommend dinner and cocktails from this hotel’s restaurant and bar.

Nice outdoor activities and natural landscapes in Boise

Boise’s surrounding mountains and sub-urban have many great destinations for hiking and camping. However, they are not our cup of tea. I and my family do not like to spend too long in the wilderness. We normally choose other outdoor activities in tourist areas or where the locals would also come like biking at Bogus Basin or Greenbelt, boating around Boise River, normally from Barber Park to Ann Morrison and rock climbing at the Black Cliffs.

As a fan of football, I always like Albertsons Stadium – a cool football stadium with blue turf on the campus of Boise State University, home of the Broncos. My kids love to run around the Idaho Botanical Garden and the old Idaho State Penitentiary. There are many cool shops in Boise’s downtown, you should visit Mixed Greens for unique souvenirs. While my wife goes shopping, I would poke around with the kids, then visit Freak Alley Gallery. There is no need for any ticket as the gallery is an open-air display of art and murals

My favorite food and beverage in Boise

For breakfast, Bacon is our favorite first stop of the day. The restaurant stands beautifully for the name as they serve the best bacon, especially their signature Bacon Bloody Mary with fresh bacon and syrup. After a hearty breakfast, I always love a cup of coffee. Big City Coffee is my trustworthy shop down the art district.

For awesome beers on tap, you could try Payette Brewing on River Street or The Yardarm in Garden City.

My choice spot for lunch would be either a sandwich and homemade sodas in Bleubird or a lamb grinder and a side of croquetas in Bar Gernika.

If you have more time to spend, I would recommend you take a trip to McCall, a beautiful town nearby. You can read more here via my blog about McCall.


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