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Where to eat in Idaho Falls: downtown restaurants

The culinary scene in Idaho Falls has been blossoming! There’s bound to be something that captivates your curiosity with new eateries springing up all over the place. Especially when everything is available from Chinese food Idaho Falls restaurants to Mexican food in Idaho Falls, and other tons of places to eat in Idaho Falls. I recognize that not all of these restaurants are spanking new, but since I haven’t done a blog like this in a while, I thought I’d add some new restaurants that have opened in the recent few years to suggest you where to eat in Idaho Falls. We recommend that you read on an empty stomach. Otherwise, you’ll undoubtedly go to Idaho Falls to dine at one of these establishments!

The SnakeBite Restaurant

SnakeBite, which has been family-owned and operated since 1994, has stayed true to its beginnings. Many of its recipes are well-kept secrets, and it shows: most of the cuisine is really unique, while there’s nothing too strange either.

We came in for the first time while looking for downtown Idaho Falls restaurants and had a great time. They are renowned for local food in Idaho Falls so we start with Idaho Falls fast food. I had some sort of house burger. I don’t recall the name of it, but it was fantastic. The steak, as well as the fries and salad, were of exceptional quality. We both had a great time at supper.

The things that bothered me were because the fries had a strong Cajun flavor, which was not our favorite flavor overall, our waitress was not the nicest, and having to pay in cash was difficult. I’m presuming they have some sort of business strategy, but I’ve never been a fan of it. It worked fine since I had cash on hand. I’d dine here again in a heartbeat.

Thai Kitchen

This Idaho Falls restaurant was suggested to us by my coworkers. I ordered a lot in order to sample a variety of Thai food Idaho Falls. Pad kra pow with pork, neatly diced, and a spice rating of 2 was my order. They charged more for the pork to be chopped up, but I didn’t mind. Aside from the lack of spice, I thought it was rather tasty. I could detect the basil, as well as all of the other spices, which harmonized wonderfully. The chicken satay was wonderfully marinated, with hints of spice and coconut milk. The peanut sauce, on the other hand, was fantastic. It’s not just peanut-based, but it’s also spiced up with chili peppers and sweetened a little.

The only letdown was the potstickers. It had too much garlic taste and had not been fried well enough after it had been steamed. The sauce was just right. I create it using a mixture of vinegar, soy sauce, peppers, and sugar. The mangoes and sticky rice were really delicious. The one thing I didn’t enjoy was that the rice was overly solid as if it had been simmered in the coconut cream for too much and had hardened. It still tastes excellent, but I think I could have used a little more coconut cream dressing.

Pro tip: You should order an extra-large serving of peanut sauce with your chicken satay for the four huge skewers you’ll be getting.

Morenita’s Restaurant

We recently searched for where to eat in Idaho Falls, and I’ve been craving some authentic Mexican cuisine. This is by far the best restaurants in Idaho Falls for Mexican cuisine I’ve ever had, and I’ve tried a lot. We arrived early for the opening and it was already rather busy. Nevertheless, the girl who took our order upfront was extremely helpful and pleasant. She was very nice to everyone who came in.

Morenitas did not let us down. I ordered three rancheros tacos: Carne, pork, and chicken. All of them were fantastic. When we ordered salsa and chips, we were pleasantly surprised to receive a delectable combination of beans, handmade salsa, and a generous scoop of cotija cheese. We stirred it up when it arrived placed it in a styrofoam cup. I had to order a second one to double-check that it was genuine. I had the chocolate flan and the tres laches, which I would absolutely have again. Can’t wait to try anything on their menu!

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