About me

Hi there! It’s my pleasure to see you are interested in my blogs and personal information enough to click on this self-absorbed page about myself.

My name is Ash Green, originally from Texas and now I’m living and working in this lovely Idaho. The idea about my personal blog actually came from my wife. She noticed that I, for my job, travel here and there a lot, thus why not creating a diary to share my stories. Then, I thought why not, and here we are!

Here In Idaho is about wandering by car left and right around the state, meeting many wonderful people and hearing their stories. I’ll try to have some detailed interviews if possible.

Furthermore, since hiking and camping are my hobbies, I’ll show you how to plan outdoor trips, share some tips and tricks and name some places that I like to spend my time in Idaho.

I’ll try my best to tell you about my experiences in other states and overseas too. Some blogs might not completely be all by myself, but with help from my friends and family all over the country to bring you the most interesting and detailed traveling knowledge I could think of.

I hope my humble personal blog could be a great helping hand for my dear readers. Please let me know what you think about my sharing and leave me some feedback about your trips!